On May 10th, 2020 Google pulled our Q Alerts Lite app. We gave fellow Patriot QMAP a heads up at that time. On May 20th, 2020 Google pulled our full app as well as all other QAnon apps. July of 2018, Apple also pulled all Q apps due to a hit piece by weaponized MSNBC. Read more here.

This was in the making for a little while. GOOG updated their terms and conditions prior. Spiritual discernment alarms went off instantly. Susan Wojcicki on CNN stated that they intended to take down videos that went against the COVID narrative, and they did. Their next step was to shutdown QAnon apps because Q was exposing the false CV narrative/operation. In perfect lock-step Soros funded Media Matters then came out with a hit piece laden with false/misleading information and contacted GOOG to pressure them to pull the apps. We have been, and will remain in a continual process of documenting evidence and timelines. All is and will continue to be archived safely offline/off site. Nothing further telegraphed. God wins.

Screenshots and installation details are provided on each apps respective page. When updates are available you will automatically be prompted to download and install the latest version.

Q Alerts
Paid full featured version. Helps support server & services expenses as well as the massive amount of human time it takes for continued development and maintenance.
Q Alerts LITE
Free limited features version.

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