"Pushed" App Users: Due to continual issues with Pushed, such as triplicate notifications, at times notifications just stop and also due to the fact that whenever we exceed our notifications limits (impossible to predict) they just shut down notifications without notice, a chance to upgrade or any auto billing, we are encouraging Pushed users to start migrating to the "Telegram" solution. Simple instructions are listed below.

Visit Telegram.org or visit the App Store or Google Play and install "Telegram". You can also install Telegram on Windows, Mac or Linux by downloading Telegram from Telegram.org.

Once you have installed the app, open it and use the search feature to search for "Q Alerts - Q Drop Alerts". You will see our icon. Tap/click it and then select "Join".

Alternatively you can click https://t.me/QAlertsApp to download the app and/or subscribe.

ETH (Ethereum): 0x069c70e4ba16d9fb7e2658156456096b627ffdab

Download the Brave Browser: https://brave.com/qal734