Icons Legend

The post has one or more links to outside sites.
The post has one or more links to Twitter.
The post has one or more links to Facebook.
The post has one or more links to Google.
The post has one or more links to LinkedIn.
The post has one or more links to Reddit.
The post has one or more links to GitHub.
The post has one or more links to KeyBase.
The post has one or more links to Scribd.
The post has one or more links to Wikipedia.
The post is a response to another post.
The post has one or more images.
The post is one of your favorite posts.
You have entered notes/user analysis for this post.

All new posts will be shown as unread, as indicated by a white or red slim bar on the left hand column of the item, the first line in bold, and a subtle background color change. When you view the post it will automatically be marked as read. You can mark individual posts as read or unread by long-pressing the item in the list. To mark all posts as read or unread use the (dot dot dot) menu and select "Mark All Posts".

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To mark a post as one of your favorites, when viewing the post tap the "Punisher Skull" icon. From the main list, to view all of your favorites, tap the "Punisher Skull" icon.

When tapping and viewing a post with this listing method, the next and previous post buttons will move you through your favorites rather than the entire list.

To return to viewing all posts just tap the icon in the main list again.

We chose the skull rather than a typical heart icon due to the nature of the mission Q team are undertaking. It just seemed more fitting ("pain coming").

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To enter notes for a post, when editing the post tap the "Notepad" icon. You can view all posts that you have entered notes for by tapping the "Notepad" icon from the main listings screen.

When tapping and viewing a post with this listing method, the next and previous post buttons will move you through your posts that have notes rather than the entire list.

To return to viewing all posts just tap the icon in the main list again.

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You can search posts via the "Magnifying Glass" icon at the top of the list. Tap the icon and then enter your search word or phrase. You can also search by the post number (example: 1776) or date (date must match the format the list displays the dates as).

This will filter the list to only show posts that have the search term contained within the post. The system will search the post number, date, main content, any referenced content such as a post made by an Anon, and also any notes that you may have entered.

When it comes to paging through post details, unlike the "Favorites" and "Notes" paging mentioned above, with this option the next and previous buttons DO page through ALL posts, however, when doing so, if the search term is found the app will highlight it. To only view posts that are found in the search results you will need to exit out of the detail view and tap the next post in the list.

To return to viewing all posts tap the "X" in the search bar two times.

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If you have the app open and a new drop comes in or when you open the app when it is closed, the list will refresh automatically.

To refresh the list manually you can either:

  • Tap the circular refresh button on the top. If all posts are being shown they will be refreshed. If favorites are being displayed only the favorites will be refreshed. If posts with notes are being displayed then only those posts will be refreshed.

  • When you are at the top of the list pull down on the list. Same as above, if all posts are being shown... if favorites... if notes...

  • Use the (dot dot dot) menu and use "Force Full Refresh". This option downloads every single posts and updates all of them in the database, whereas the previous options only downloads and updates the database with new posts. This option can be useful if anything ever becomes out of sync or in cases where Q posts and then has the board owners delete one or more posts. This option can also be useful if there is ever a maintenance or other outage on our servers as this will download the entire content directly from the primary data source (scraper) site.

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By default, for performance and device memory usage reasons, thumbnail images associated with the posts are not shown. You can enable them via the menu and "Show Thumbs in List".

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By default all posts are shown. You can limit the number of posts displayed via the menu and "Max Posts to Show".

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When viewing a post, you can long press on any section to copy it's content to your devices clipboard for pasting elsewhere. To copy the entire post content use the "Share" icon instead and select "Copy to Clipboard" from the list of sharing options presented. The same principles apply to items within the "Abbreviations and Codes Used by Q" listings.

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When viewing a post and you want to view it on one of the popular post sites, use the top menu within the post details screen. With this you will have the option to view the post on "8Chan" (the direct source of all posts), "QAnon.app" or "QMap.pub".

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Not sure what an abbreviation means? Use the "Padlock" icon to view abbreviations and codes used by Q and the Anons.

Keep in mind, new abbreviations are being used constantly and not all abbreviations will be in this list as it's impossible to keep up with on the development end. However, if you would like to contribute a suggestion for the list, it really helps when the community contributes as well. Just make sure it is well vetted and not just your speculation or assumption. You can contribute via the "+" icon.

Support Direct Link: 1-10

The app is offline aware. If you have no Internet connection the app will load the posts from the database and also give you a short notice that it is doing so. It will also allow you to view keys/definitions/abbreviations offline. Obviously certain things won't function offline like viewing posts or images on the chans or watching YouTube videos.

As far as images go, Android caches images for an undisclosed amount of time so images that have been viewed should still show. If you enable "Auto Save Images" from the main menu, the app will display the locally saved images rather than continually downloading or checking the Internet for the images. Keep in mind, images are only automatically saved when you view a post so, to ensure that all images are available for offline mode, you would need to slice away 20 minutes or so to page through every single post.

Want to try it out in case of a grid or Internet down situation? Turn off your WiFi and also your mobile network and then open the app.

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In the unlikely event that you find a bug or software glitch, use the upper right hand menu, select "App Version/Support" and then "Email Support". This option also emails us details about your configuration that will better aid us in helping you. Within the email please describe the issue in decent detail and also take and attach screenshots if possible.

Support Direct Link: 1-12

If you have the "Tor Browser" app installed on your device and you would like to configure Q Alerts to open 8kun links over the Tor Onion network:

  1. Q Alerts version 8.5.6 or higher is required. This option is not available in the Lite version.
  2. Make sure you have the Tor Browser app installed.
  3. In Q Alerts enter settings via the 3 dots menu on the upper-right and then "Settings".
  4. Scroll down to "8kun Domain" and tap it.
  5. Tap "Custom".
  6. Enter (exactly, without the double-quotes) "www.jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion". You can get this address at https://qalerts.app/research/, just remember to remove "https://" and "/qresearch/" from the link after pasting it into the Q Alerts custom setting so that you wind up only with "www.jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion".
  7. Tap "OK" to save the setting.
  8. Checkmark the "Force HTTP Protocol on 8kun Links" setting to enable it.
  9. That's it as far as the configuration. Now all of the 8kun links in Q Alerts should reflect the proper Onion links.
  10. When you want to open a link to view over Tor, just make sure you have the "Tor Browser" app running and connected.
  11. When you tap a link to open it, just be sure that when Android prompts you "Open link with..." that you select "Tor Browser".
  12. In the event that previously on your device you have told Android to "Always open with whatever" and you are not presented with any other options to open the link via, sorry, can't help you with that, beyond the scope of our support and there is potential liability in assisting with this. You'll need to Google how to overcome that.

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